Graham Copsey

Jazz Musician

Education: Missouri State University

Personal Details

  • Birthday: 1970 October 2
  • Marital: Married
  • Nationality: American

About Graham Copsey

Graham Copsey is all set for the release of his second album dedicated to his huge army of fans, who make up the youth of America. His first album was a massive hit and was released 5 years after he graduated High School. It was a chart buster hit for weeks in America's top 40. The album delves into the nostalgia of the 60’s with typical 60's style notes making up the tracks in the album. The tracks were crafted under the influence of rhythm-and-blues; the genre which became highly popular during the 60’s. Graham Copsey at the same time mixed it up with contemporary jazz. This fusion created a spectacular magic among the youth at the time.

Graham Copsey's Journey to Success

Graham Copsey's popularity is owed to his unmistakable style reflecting urbanity and a quintessential sense of jazz fused with different musical forms. His musical inclination and the development of his distinguished musical style is the result of his lifestyle he experienced during his childhood. Growing up in a family that was entirely dedicated to music, Graham Copsey was always surrounded with different forms of music. his mother was an Irish Ballet singer while his father David Copsey was a musician in a Jazz Band. At the age of 3years, Graham Copsey was already affectionate about music and played the cello. By the time he was 12 years of age he was quite confident with Baritone sax and alto. Before he entered High School, at the age of 13 he has already started playing guitar and there was no looking back after that. In his first album he is the lead guitarist himself along with being the lead singer. At a very early age Graham learned that music was his passion, he was always participating in various shows, contests and playing in local gigs. Soon, Graham Copsey quickly became renowned for his mesmerizing and spontaneous style and voice. Being born and brought up in St Louis, MO, he had already become a popular name in music all around Missouri.


Graham Copsey's is also a very passionate and skillful skier. He regular visits resorts in California and Aspen with his family to take on black diamond runs under the very nervous eye of his wife. Besides being highly skilled in playing various musical instruments like the banjo, guitar and cello, Graham also loves to spend his time reading books. Some of his favorite authors being Paul Auster, Shisman Alexie and Ethan Canin.Though not his hobby, definitely one of his primary passions other than music is his pets. Graham Copsey absolutely adores his pet dogs, and yes, there are four of them and they are a massive part of his life when he is relaxing at home after his musical shows.

His Music Band

All Graham's albums are co-authored by his band members. They include his partner guitarist, Rob Lennon and drummer Peter Phillips. Rob and Peter happen to be Graham Copsey's childhood friends. They met at a musical gathering at Boston, and came together to form a band. Neil joined them 2 years later, when he came to St. Louis for the trios high school graduation The journey started at high school and their shows rapidly gained popularity among college and high school students which cemented the bands reputation in the area.

New Ventures

Graham Copsey and his band members have high hopes for the success of their upcoming album, ‘Mellow Beats’. This album has already captured an enthusiastic and overwhelming response from the big names in the local Jazz community, after some preview tracks were released last week. This album is an exciting combination of a range of music including Jazz, rhythm and blues. The last album was a great hit and the critics believe that this one will be ever bigger. This album is going to bring something energetic for the music lovers. Graham Copsey is also very busy with his musical tours and gigs. The enthusiasm Graham shows for his work and music in general is fueled by his fan's reaction and passion for his music. Currently Graham has clocked up performances in more than 14 states and over 40 concerts held.


Musical Skills